Charles Tersolo   Fine Art Oil Paintings

Archive of Collected Paintings

The paintings shown here are no longer available for purchase as they have recently sold to collectors, or been acquired by public institutions. Images of my collected works are presented here as examples of my style. Please contact the artist directly to express your interest in a recreation or commissioned painting based on one of the images presented here.

2019 selected works

Edge of Seventeen; 36x48 Martha; 12x9

2018 selected works

Monument; 14x18 Cupola; 10x8 Twisted; 16x20 Spotlight; 18x24 Fin de Journee; 24x36 Fontana; 30x24

2017 selected works

Make; 24x24 Event Horizon; 30x40 Morning Sun; 36x48 Cohen Big Ben; 24x18 Jefferson Cherry; 20x20 Eiffel Alexandre; 6x8 Sunrise Seine; 20x20 Evening Maria; 20x24 Beautiful; 16x20 Tiny Tuileries; 4x6 By the Lake; 24x30 Big Grand (GCT); 72x36 Big Red; 60x48 Vishnu; 36x60 Cornerstone; 16x20 On the Rocks (Maine); 12x16 Prowess; 16x20 Gold Rush; 30x40 Coming Around; 14x18

2016 selected works

Plymouth Cape; 20x24 Martha Sun; 16x12 River Run; 24x48 Summer Breeze; 18x24 Yosemite Sun; 36x60 Piazza; 18x24 Bonjour Paris; 8x10 Live at the Palace; 24x18

2015 selected works

Cupola; 16x12 Paris Time; 10x8 Planetarium; 4x6 The Traveler; 30x20 Central Park Lake; 16x20 Dorsoduro; 11x14 Seaview; 9x12 Backstage; 8x10 Rock the Boat; 30x30 Horstrider; 20x24 Giverny; 11x14 Début de Matinée; 6x8 Wellfleet Gold; 30x40 Silver Streak; 16x20 Manhattan Bridge Loop; 22x28 Reach; 12x16 L'escalier; 14x18 Piazza San Marco; 9x12 Central Park Lake; 48x60 Marsh Recession; 15x15 Around the Clock; 30x40 Bonnard Recreation; 20x20 Cohen Fenway; 18x24 Garden Golds; 27x27 High Country; 36x12 Everglades Sun; 36x60 City Rhythm; 30x40 Les Grands Projets; 20x20 65 Child Street; 20x24

2014 selected works

The Concert; 30x40 Gray Cliff Sun; 24x36 Face the Music; 18x24 Nightspot; 6x8 Rooflines; 24x24 Untitled No. 19; 24x48 Foolish Heart; 24x48 Flavian; 18x24 Untitled No. 18; 24x24 American Gothic; 30x40 Grand Canal Sun; 24x48 Warhorse; 9x12 French Music; 6x8 Grand Central Bridge; 8x6 Maker's Mark; 48x60 D'Orsay Sun; 30x40 Spring Ahead; 24x36 5 O'Clock Shadows; 36x48 Fifth Avenue Sun; 36x60 Buona Salute; 20x24 Slice of Life; 11x14 Out My Back Door; 11x14 Daybreak, U.N.; 8x10 Venice Alley; 6x4 Vista; 6x8

2013 selected works

Baby Grand; 30x40 Just the Two of Us; 16x20 Cape Cod House; 30x40 Provincetown Monument; 48x24 Cafe, Town Center; 24x36 Mantle; 36x24 Miracle; 24x30 The Pagoda Tree; 20x24 Self Portrait; 30x20 Cupola XIX; 20x16 Ristoranti, North End; 20x24 Ocean View No. 2; 20x24 Ask III; 24x24 Light Snow; 9x12 St. Stephens, North End; 14x18 Trio; 20x20 Western Concourse; 6x8 Over the Hill; 24x20 Synchromy No. 1 (rich panel); 40x30 Synchromy No. 1 (light panel); 40x30 Grand Central Bridge; 6x4 Quixote; 6x4 La Volta; 36x48 Trinity NYC; 8x10 Untitled No. 9; 30x24 Aspire; 30x20 Grand Canal Sun; 30x40 Venice Bridge; 6x4 Mini Maggiore; 6x8 Piazza; 8x10 Grand Canal; 11x14 Morning Maggiore; 16x20 Ups and Downs; 12x16 Right Mangrove Study; 21x13 Grand Central; 16x20 Daylight Savings; 48x72 Life and Death; 8x10

2012 selected works

Garden Party; 8x10 Early Morning, Rowes Wharf; 10x8 Splendor in the Grass; 24x48 To The Library; 24x48 Grand Palais; 16x20 Central Time; 48x24 Mansard Dusk; 11x14 Sunlight in Vermont; 12x9 National Velvet; 18x14 Twilight, Cupola House; 20x16 Afternoon Sherry, Central Park; 20x24 Street Corner; 20x20 Opera Stair; 8x10 Night Rider; 6x8 Tiny Times; 6x4 Winter Beech; 18x36 NYC Bridge; 6x8 Evening Salute; 6x8 Eiffel Arcs; 20x24 Big Grand; 48x60 St. Stephen's, North End; 30x30 Trinity Boston; 14x18 Science Muse in Snow; 12x9 Invalides Recession; 6x4

2011 selected works

Sneak Peek, Venice; 9x12 D'Orsay Liberte; 24x24 Early Morning Fall Lake Bridge; 36x60 Montgomery; 24x24 Around the Bend; 30x40 Commonwealth Spring; 24x36 North End Church; 8x10 Dusk Symmetry; 6x4 Lady in Profile; 9x12 Paris Time; 6x4 Trinity Morning; 48x24 Afternoon Delight; 30x40 Summer Beech; 36x48 Eiffel Sky; 6x8 Arc Light; 24x24

2010 selected works

Sky Water; 11x14 Copley Square; 8x10 D'Orsay Morning; 16x20 South End Doorway; 48x24 Fall Beech; 24x48 Pilier Sud; 8x10 City Girl; 24x48 Untitled No. 5; 14x11 Copley Spring From Boylston; 8x10 Early Morning Light; 18x36 Little Lady; 8x10 Garden Gate Shadows; 4x6 Commonwealth Monument IV The Opera Enthusiast; 20x16 La Parisienne; 8x10 Victory Arch, Fall of Day; 20x20 Equine Dusk; 30x40 Black and White; 18x14 Old South Church; 12x9

2009 and earlier selected works

Breaking Sun; 24x36 Commonwealth Rooflines Copley Night; 4x6 Copley Spring; 9x12 Corner of the Square III; 22x28 Crouching Willow; 12x16 Dawn, Old South; 9x12 Early Morning, Copley Square; 24x36 Fenway Sky; 9x12 Goosenecks; 16x20 Grand Canyon III; 36x24 Harvard Yard; 30x20 In Back of the King; 4x6 Joy of Giving; 8x10 Lampsmast, Fenway; 6x4 Les Quatre Saisons, Paris; 8x10 Light in the Sky; 20x24 Lost in the Louvre; 8x10 Morning, Passerelle; 14x18 Ocean View No. 1; 30x30 Rockport Sky South End Square (Rutland); 24x30 Steppin Out; 10x8 Trinity Dawn; 24x36 Twin Cherry Trees; 24x30 Under the Bridge; 8x6 Union Park Doorways; 8x10 Untitled No. 17; 24x24 Willow's Watch; 12x16 Hunch; 24x30 Afternoon Marsh; 14x18

updated: 05/25/2020