Charles Tersolo   Fine Art Oil Paintings

Available Paintings

The paintings shown here are currently available for purchase. Most works are framed in four-inch traditional gold frames. Mahogany drop-box style frames constructed at my family's New Hampshire wood shop are available on some works for an additional charge.

Just Grand: Paris, Venice, New York City, and the Grand Canyon

Palais; 6x8 Louvre; 12x16 Statue d'Or; 9x12
Venice and Italy
Les Grandes Maisons; 30x40 Apres l'Opera; 16x20 Sera (Venice); 9x12 Marco; 6x8 Pantheon; 4x6 Giorgio; 11x14 Castel; 8x10 Courtyard; 6x8
New York City
42nd; 12x9 Small Times; 12x9 Tribuna; 18x24 Up the Avenue; 8x10 American Bandstand; 8x10
Grand Canyon and the Southwest
Across; 24x48 Procession; 36x24 Sidle; 16x20 Rapido; 12x16 Juniper; 8x10 Badland Blues; 24x24 Sedona Bronze; 20x20 Cling; 6x4 Grand Canyon Bridge; 6x4 Country Road; 18x24 Monuments; 12x16 Southwest Sunlight; 24x18 Mexican Hat, Utah; 30x30

This Land Is Mine

Silver and Gold; 8x10 Giverny; 14x18
Chicago; 20x20
Washington, DC
Preside; 9x12 Capitol Light; 12x16
National Parks
Camelot; 20x20 Crater's Edge; 6x8
New England
Study for George and the Fall; 20x20 Victoria Light; 20x20 Cupola; 8x6 Monument Sun; 10x8 Old South Snow; 6x4


Early cityscapes included writing on the backs of the canvas. A kind of journal entry, they document moments where everyday, cliché, common sense logic revealed themselves to Charles's "question authority" persona. "In 2001 I began moving written word to the front of my paintings. Conceptual and installation art was playful and engaging for me, but often huge or impractical for display in homes. My textual paintings provoke as much as museum pieces, but have a surface reading that is light and jumbled, explored only when one stops, stares at them, and seeks out their meaning." These paintings are livable, decorative, and often minimal in range of color or tonal values. They employ encrypted and conjugated proverbs, combined with images of popular art, to expose the virtues of living deliberately and gaining the style of others.

Destination; 18x36 Play II; 12x12 Play III; 16x16 Play IV; 12x12 Play V; 8x8 With II; 8x8 With; 8x8 Keep; 48x48 Play; 24x24 Body III; 48x24

Unique Works

These paintings are those that fit into the category of not fitting into a category. They are also works that remain available from previously-completed painting series. This label allows growth and exploration of singular ideas outside the context of a larger body of work.

Nude in a Red Chair; 14x11 Marriage of Church and State; 11x14 Harness; 24x18 Pet; 40x30 Water; 36x24

updated: 05/25/2020